Coach Jeff

Coach Jeff was born January 23, 1986 and died in a car accident January 20, 2015.  Jeff was only 28 years old.  He was one of Tay’s best friends. They grew up together in elementary school and went to the Boys and Girls Club every day. They supported each other in everything they did and their bond was unbreakable!! Coach Jeff was a part of Tay's camp every year because he loved helping out the youth and giving back to the community. He came up with great ideas and suggestions to keep Tay's camp running smoothly. Jeff called himself a “Young Lion” because he was strong, fierce, dedicated and hungry for nothing but success. In 2015, Tay dedicated his camp year to his friend Jeff and named an award after him called

“The Young Lion” MVP Award. 
This award is given to a camper who displays the same qualities as a young lion on and off the court. The camper must be strong, fierce, brave, dedicated and hungry for nothing but success. Tay and the other coaches come together as one to determine which camper possesses these qualities. All of Tay's campers are young lions, but only one can receive this award. Not only does this award mean a lot to the Tay Fisher camp family, but to the Kingston community as well. Congrats to all the campers who receive this award. Cherish it always.

 2015 Coach Jeff "Young Lion" MVP Award
Names and age from left to right:

Name (age): Emily Brink (10), Andrew Hill (11), 
Janya Crooks (16), Nick Galuski (10) and Maren Louridas (11)
2016 Coach Jeff "Young Lion" MVP Award
Names and age from top to bottom:

Name (age): Jaid Harrell (15), Mark and Olivia Vessella(12 and 14), Demario Smith (11), Dana Blackmon (9), Damani Thomas (15), Natalie Tucker (10), Ava Salem (13) and Nevin Wilkie (10)

2017 Coach Jeff "Young Lion" MVP Award
Names and age from Left to Right:

Name (age): Kaitlyn Robbins (10), Chloe Constantine (12), Lauren Blum (14), Ethan Cobey (12), Ashley Cook (17), Logan Buckley (12), Alex Barbaro (13), Tony Drewnowski (12), Katie Bucci (10)

2017 Coach Jeff "Young Lion" Award

Paul Worthington and Jeannette Washington