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New CO-ED Camps

Staff of college-level coaches and players ensure attention to detail through enthusiastic and qualified instructions.

Only 50 camp spots available for camp because of the individual attention given to each player.
Strong emphasis on ball handling, passing, defense, and shooting.
Leadership techniques and work ethics are incorporated.

Offers participants an opportunity for character development.

Camps are for interested basketball players with intentions on improving their overall game.

Guaranteed to see improvement in your OVERALL game and knowing what it takes to become a ​better basketball player

Tay Fisher's Fundamental Basketball Camp


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Basketball camp
| 5 Days
S+S=S is the slogan that is not only printed on the back of each camper's shirt, but is also the motto that is drilled in their heads as well. Tay Fisher feels that this slogan can guide each camper in the right direction; that is to be a better individual and a better basketball player.
Shooting & Dribbling clinic
| 1 Day
  • Only for campers ages 10-17 years old (CO-ED)
  • October 2018 ages 9-12
  • October 2018: ages 13-17
  • Check shooting and dribbling clinic page for more info
  • 25-35 spots available each session (depending on location)
  • $170 fee for shooting and dribbling clinic w/o shooting machine (Coleman HS and Troy HS)
  • $200 fee for shooting and dribbling clinic w/ shooting machine (Kingston High School)
  • Click bottom below to learn more, sign up and pay to secure spot
Tay Fisher's pre-season workouts
| 6 weeks
  • Preparation for the upcoming basketball season
  • 6 week program (Mon/Wed OR Tues/Thurs)
  • 22 player limit
  • Improve OVERALL game (ball handling, shooting, strength, conditioning, footwork and more)
  • September - October ( 2018)
  • See more details on the pre-season workout page
Pre Season workouts
Fight 4 The Cure charity event
| Basketball Game
  • Tay Fisher Breast Cancer Awareness Game
  • Location: Kingston High School
  • October 2018 (Saturday Night 5:30PM-8:30PM)
  • Selected Campers will play two games
  • Admission is FREE
  • Exclusive shirts will be for sale for $25
  • 100% of the proceeds will go towards our local breast cancer foundation "Miles of Hope" to help women in need.
  • Fun raffles to win bikes, TVs, tablets, gift cards and many more will be included at the event!
Fisher's Fight 4 the Cure
One on One Training
| 1 hour
Tay Fisher loves his camp basketball camp because of the interaction with the kids and the individual attention he is able to give to each camper, but his one on one sessions are the most effective. Tay works on shooting, dribbling, conditioning, free throws, building confidence and making smart decisions as a basketball player. Learn all the tricks to becoming a great player like Tay and imply it to your game now.  Learn more and sign up by clicking the button below.
1 on 1 sessions

Christmas Clinic 2 hours

  • Location: George Washington Elementary School
  • ONLY for kids ages 5-7
  • 30 participants allowed
  • December 2018
  • This event is promoted on Tay's Camp Facebook page
  • MUST follow his page to know about this event
  • FREE for the community
  • ALL campers receive an exclusive Tay Fisher Christmas shirt
  • Great way to end the year and put a smile on young kids faces

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Justin Robinson

Congrats to Justin Robinson, former camper, for having such a successful college career at Monmouth University. He graduated from Monmouth as the best player to ever play there which led him to a summer league team with the Miami Heat. He currently plays in Russia leading his team in assist and points. His future is bright and he is making the Tay Fisher camp family really pride. GOOD LUCK and always remember S+S=S (SWEAT+SACRIFICE = SUCCESS)
  1. Managing Director

Kevin Huerter and Anthony Gaines

Its great to see two former campers, Kevin Huerter (University of Maryland) and Anthony Gaines (Northwestern University) compete in college against each other, but it is even better to see them come back and talk to the kids about the importance of hard work in school and on the basketball court. Tay Fisher has helped many kids make it to the next level on and off the court, but the family remains strong when they ALL graduate and find time to still be a part of the Tay Fisher family. 
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Interview with Tay Fisher

More About Tay

Watch this EXCLUSIVE sit down interview with Tay Fisher and Rich Siegal. Take this journey to learn more about Tay's life on and off the court that prepared him to have such a successful basketball camp.