Frequently Asked Questions

Does my son/daughter have to bring a lunch to camp?
Yes, all campers have to bring their own lunch. However, on Monday 's and Friday's we provide pizza for each camper. If your child is usually still hungry after 1 slice of pizze, please bring lunch on those days as well. We will be selling water and Gatorade so they all stay hyrdrated.

If I put down a deposit to secure my child's spot, when is the remaining balance due?
The remaining blance of camp is due on the first day. A deposit secures your child's spot, which allows you to pay the remaining balance on the first day when you register them. We accept checks or cash for payment. Please arrive 30-45 minutes before the start of camp

Is the deposit refundable?
No, the deposit for any of Tay Fisher's events are NON- REFUNDABLE.

If I pay in full and cancel can I receive a full refund?
No, you will not recieve a full refund. The deposit ($50) will be NON- REFUNDABLE, but you will recieve the rest of the money back either by check or via PayPal.

Can I lose my spot for any of Tay Fisher's events?
Yes, there is a possibility if you decide to pay via check and it does not get to us in time. You have one week from when you sign your child up to send a check until your child's spot can be lost. This is why  we recommend using PayPal because it is safe, easy to use and quick. You will also receive a receipt via email from PayPal.

If I have a kid who wants to play up or down in age group, is that a possiblilty?
Yes, that is ok but you must first contact Tay to make sure. Tay is very mindful of placing kids in a level where they can succeed. Campers are typically placed in their age group, but somtimes a kid can be moved up in level or down in level depending on their basketball skills and comfort level.  As a parent, you are more than welcomed to express your opinion if you are not happy about the age group your child is in.

What does my child need to bring to swim at camp (TROY location only)?
Your child needs to bring a bathing suit, towel and flip flops. A certified life guard will be available during swim hours at camp.

If my child DOES NOT want to swim, what will he/she be doing?
Swimming is completley optional. All campers are required to continue to work on their skills if they decide not to swim. Swimming is optional. Campers will stay in the gym and work with a coach on basketball skills during this time. 

Does Tay have other events other than what is presented on his website?
No, all of Tay's events are displayed on this website. However, he does 1 on 1 sessions that have been extremely beneficial to children that wants to get bvetter in their basketball skills and want one on on attention. He has been doing it for 8 years and the progress that he sees overtime is amazing. If you are intersted please email Tay for more information.

Is there a waiting list for folks that sign their child up after registration date has opened?
Yes there is. Tay will email people on the waiting list when there is an opening. 

If I don't have the means to attend camp, is there a scholarship available that I can benefit from?
Yes, Tay will try his best to make sure every kid has the opportunity to attend camp.  Tay works hard to get sponsors that help cover a certain number of camp spots each year.  Please contact Tay early on in the registration process if you have a financial hardship that prevents you from sending your child  

Frequently Asked Breast Cancer Event Questions

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