Father/Kid Day


AGE: 8-14 (Boys/Girls)
DATE: June 2018 (Saturday:ages 8-10) and TBA (Sunday:ages 11-14)
LOCATION: Miller Middle School
COST: $100
The Tay Fisher camp is one of the few camps around that displays family values among its campers and staff. Tay loves his camp and appreciates the time he is able to spend with each and every person who attends his events. Tay grew up with both parents, but only saw his father on weekends, which he loved. Spending time with his father were moments he couldn’t wait for.
Over the years he has met some amazing parents of his campers; most of the time it is the mothers. Moms are the best and they work extremely hard to be there for their child. Tay doesn’t see the fathers as much. He knows that the fathers are busy working which could have a tremendous impact on their child attending camp, but Tay wants to see more of them.

What to do? Tay decided to create a father/kid day. This is another branch off of his camp. This is a chance for Tay to spend more time with his campers and their fathers for 3 hours while moms get the chance to enjoy watching this bonding moment and laugh at their spouse and children do fun basketball related activities.

I know what you’re thinking. What if someone doesn’t have a father in his or her life? Tay grew up with a lot of mentors in his life that he would call  “father figures.” Tay has many people, including himself, who are willing to take on that role during this special day. You can use an older brother, uncle, cousin or even coach. No one will ever 
left out, unless the session is full and he can't take anymore families. This event will be a memorable time that families can look forward to every year. 


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