Frequently Asked Questions

Does my son/daughter have to bring their own lunch to camp?
Yes, all campers have to bring their own lunch. However, on Monday 's we provide a slice of pizza for each camper. If your child is usually still hungry after 1 slice, please bring  a lunch on the first day. Pizza is NOT provided to campers after day one. A lunch is required and recommended for ALL CAMPERS to bring. Yes, this includes sessions that are only half a day. We will be selling water and Gatorade so they stay hyrdrated as well.

If I put down a deposit to secure my child's spot, when is the remaining balance due?
The remaining balance of camp is due on the first day. A deposit secures your child's spot, which allows you to pay the remaining balance on the first day when you register them. We accept checks or cash for payment. Please arrive 30-45 minutes before the start of camp

Is the deposit refundable?
No, the deposit for any of Tay Fisher's events are NON- REFUNDABLE.

If I pay in full and cancel, can I receive a full refund?
No, you will not recieve a full refund. The deposit ($50) will be NON- REFUNDABLE, but you will recieve the rest of the money back either by check or via PayPal.

Can I lose my spot for any of Tay Fisher's events?
Yes, there is a possibility if you decide to pay via check and it does not get to us in time. You have one week from when you sign your child up to send a check until your child's spot can be lost. This is why  we recommend using PayPal because it is safe, easy to use and quick. You will also receive a receipt via email from PayPal.

If my child wants to play up or down in age group, is that a possiblilty?
Yes, that is ok but you must first contact Tay to make sure. Tay is very mindful of placing kids in a level where they can succeed. He would prefer to be placed in your age group. Tay's camp is based on individual skill level. Therefore, the age group that your child is placed at will not make much of a difference. Tay and his staff will get the most out of your child based on their skill level and make sure they are better leaders and basketball players at the end of the week. 

What does my child need to bring to swim at camp?  (TROY location only)
Your child needs to bring a bathing suit, towel and flip flops. A certified life guard will be available during swimming hours at camp.

If my child DOES NOT want to swim, what will he/she be doing?
Swimming is completley optional. All campers are required to continue to work on their skills if they decide not to swim. Campers will stay in the gym and work with a coach on basketball skills during this time. 

Does Tay have other events other than what is presented on his website?
No, all of Tay's events are displayed on this website. However, he does 1 on 1 sessions that have been extremely beneficial to children that wants to get better in their basketball skills and want one on on attention. He has been doing it for 10 years and the progress that he sees overtime is amazing. If you are intersted please email Tay for more information.

Is there a waiting list for folks that sign their child up after registration date has opened?
Yes there is. Tay will email people on the waiting list when there is an opening.  Parents should provide a valid email address and check their email frequently.

If I don't have the means to attend camp, is there a scholarship available that I can benefit from?
Yes, Tay will try his best to make sure every kid has the opportunity to attend camp.  Tay works hard to get sponsors that help cover a certain number of camp spots each year.  Please contact Tay early on in the registration process if you have a financial hardship that prevents you from sending your child  

If I am having issues with the registration form, what should I do?
If you realize the registration form cuts off at the end without it being finalized, please try using a different browser on your phone. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it is typically with iPhone users. Changing to a desktop using fixes this issue as well.

Frequently Asked Breast Cancer Event Questions

How much are Breast Cancer shirts?
$25 to be picked up at event and $28 to be shipped to your home (purchased from online store).

How do I purchase a shirt?
All available shirts will be at event. Shirts can't be shipped before event begins. All remaining sizes will be available to purcahase at my online store a few days after the event (upcoming Monday). You can either use PayPal or your credit card to purchase. 

What sizes are available
Sizes range from Youth Medium to Adult 3XL.

How much is admission?
This event is FREE to the general public. Every woman who currently has breast cancer or is a breast cancer survivor will receive something special from Tay at the event.

Where does my donation go ?
100% of the proceeds from your generous donations, purchase of breast cancer shirts or any other related activities at Tay's Fundraiser will go towards a local Breast Cancer foundation called "MILES OF HOPE." Here is the list of benefits your contribution will go towards: $25 buys a gas card, $75 pays for one mammogram, $100 pays for a week's worth of co-pays for radiation treatment, $150 pays for lymphedema sleeve, $200 pays for a week's worth of groceries, $350 pays for a month of fuel for a home (gas or heat), $500 pays for 10 sets of transportation to/from cancer treatments, $1,000 pays for the college scholarship for one high school senior whose life has been affected by breast cancer. Tay's goal is to contribute to ALL of these areas soley from his breast cance event.

How are the kids selected to participate in this event?
Tay randonly selects campers to play in every event. He makes sure to rotate and select a different group of campers every year. It is a great event for Tay to showcase his talented campers in front of the community, all while supporting a great cause.

What other activities are going on at this event besided the basketball games?
 There are fun competition and raffles to win amazing prices such as bikes, Ipads, headphones Xbox, gift cards to different restaurants, tablets,  FREE Tay Fisher future events, signed Tay "Firefly" Fisher Harlem Globetrotter Jersey, TVs and many more. You DO NOT want to miss it. Also, there is always music, food and drinks. Tay Fisher camp apparel and breast cancer shirts are sold. Fun night for the entire family.

Can I volunteer?
Yes, please contact Tay if you have the time to volunteer during this event.  This is a community event and Tay loves incuding folks as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Shooting and Dribbling Clinic Questions

Can my child participate in ONLY shooting and/dribbling and not do both?
No, each camper who particpates, must attend both sessions in a day. There isn't a separate fee to only work on one skill. If there is conflict with other priorties please contact Tay and he will work with you and adjust cost of clinic.

Do campers receive a shirt at Tay's Shooting and Dribbling Clinic?
Yes, all campers will receive a shooting and dribbling clinic Tay Fisher shirt.

 Do campers have to bring their own lunch?
Yes, each camper must bring their own lunch. There will be a lunch break (30-45 min) in between both shooting and dribbling sessions. Water and Gaterade will be avaible for purchase.

How many hours is shooting clinic?
Tay's shooting clinic is 3 hours.

How many hours is the dribbling clinic?
Tay's dribbling clinic is 2 hours each day.

How many kids attend Tay's clinic?
Between 20-35 kids will attend Tay's Clinic. It all depends on the gym space (location), but Tay strives on low numbers to give each kid the individual attention needed in these important areas for the day.